Feeling fatigued, low and unmotivated can be caused by stress. Many of us are so used to feeling stress daily that it isn’t always easy to recognise that we are stressed. Stress can lower your immune system, cause digestion problems and hinder our sleep patterns. We are busy people with busy lives making it more vital to take care of our needs and take time daily to ground and release a build-up of stress. 

A few of the best ways I have found to help stress are as follows:

Exercise: Exercise releases a hormone called endorphins which help you feel more relaxed and happy. Moving your body daily moves lymph towards the lymph ducts helping to clear a build-up of toxins from your body. Exercise doesn’t have to be a big workout at the gym in order to help you, people with more limited abilities and resources can still exercise. A short walk or gentle stretches will help with a gradual build up to faster paced activities which get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and breathing deeper. Exercise also has the added benefit of you feeling like you are doing something positive to help yourself.

Breath: Take a few minutes to sit or lie comfortably and place your hands over your naval. Breathe slowly and deeply into your abdomen. Take each breath as slowly as possible. This helps to lower your blood pressure, calm the mind and nervous system increasing oxygenated blood to your cells.

Water: Drinking adequate pure water flushes toxins and hydrates your cells. We are about 65% water and many of us are dehydrated leaving us feeling lacklustre and tired with poor memory. It takes 6 weeks of drinking enough water daily to rehydrate our bodies. Water has many functions in our systems and vital for a healthy body and mind.

Food: Eating healthily and regularly improves our digestion and prevents energy slumps midmorning and mid-afternoon. For this time of year a hearty soup is filling, full of nutrient rich veggies and easy to have when you have limited time. Opt for foods that are fresh and local where possible with an emphasis on increasing your intake of a wide variety of vegetables.

Immune System:
As the autumn is drawing in its time to think about supporting our immune system through the winter. In Ireland we have a humid and damp climate giving us the perfect conditions to have colds and flus linger. The good news is that there is plenty we can do to support ourselves.

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