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Our Misson

“We believe that your healing journey is unique to you and you are best served by essences that can help you move through whatever lesson you are learning or whatever life throws at you.”


This revolutionary healing system combines the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Allergy testing and much more.

Kinsiology practitioners are trained to read the subtle energy responses from the unconscious. This biofeedback system gives the Practitioner a way to access the root cause of issues, such as sabotage-, survival-, secondary gain-, inner child programs, etc. It is done with the client either lying on a massage table, or seated or even standing, whilst the Practitioner uses light touch on the hand/arm. Once the primary issues are identified, the Practitioner uses a wide selection of healing techniques to address the emotional issue or physical dysfunction.

Elemental Energy therapy

combines kinesiology muscle testing, chakras, endocrine system, the spine, the aura and intuition

During a session the practitioner systematically works through each system and uses the Fairy Essences to bring balance before moving to the next one. By the end of the session clients generally report feeling very relaxed, tired and feeling 10lbs lighter. This treatment allows you to bring balance to all levels of your being, and can also be used to work on specific issues emotional or physical. 

Integrated Energy Therapy

This is avery gentle energy therapy that focuses on working with the angels

During a session, the therapist can use hands on or distant healing to release stuck energy and emotion within the body. It is a very gentle yet profound therapy. Clients report seeing colours and feeling energy moving in their body during treatments. Most feel hot, cold or switch between the two as their bodies release old beliefs, patterns and negativity. 

I went to Orela for a treatment, which by the way are so relaxing before she even does anything She has helped me out a lot and is absolutely fantastic at what she does 😊


When you make an appointment with Orela you can discuss which option is best suited to your requirements. When you arrive for your appointment Orela will take a detailed history and chat about what you need help with. You then lay on a massage plint and Orela will begin work on you, fully clothed and covered in a soft blanket. All of the treatments can be done quietly or with full interaction depending on your preferences. These treatments are suitable throughout pregnancy and children from birth.

Location is everything

My office is above the post office in Eurospar. The door is on the street under the post office signs. Press the doorbell and turn the handle and come up the stairs. There is a waiting room and toilets at the top of the stairs if I’m still with another client. Make yourself comfortable and I will be with you shortly.