Feed Your Heart

I want to talk about love and romance and soul connections but I know that many reading this will be single or in unhappy relationships and the last thing I want to do is write a post about all these things and make you feel lonely. I want to be able to give you all something to bite into to give you a feeling of connection and community.

So let’s discuss feeding your heart. Your heart sings to you every day morning to night without stop. It’s guiding you to feel compassion, make connections, do things that you love, live your dreams. Our mind is also singing to us and we are in a society in which we are told its better to follow our minds direction that our hearts will only lead us to be soft, foolish and get walked all over. Our minds do help us, it provides logic and reason but it is like asking a robot to be human, it doesn’t have the heart to provide feeling. We now too easily drown out our hearts guidance which will only ever truly guide us to our joy.

There are many arguments that listening to the heart gets you in all sorts of trouble but we often blame the heart when we haven’t listened to it properly. Your heart is a link to your soul. It will not ever lead you astray if you listen to it. We can learn to listen and have better balance between our hearts and minds.

One of the best ways to hear clearly the song of the heart is to love yourself. Speak nicely to yourself, do things that make you feel good (without hurting others needless to say), and quieten the negative comments in your mind. When you do this your heart will guide you clearly and fight for your happiness fearlessly.

That’s all very easy to say, says you, so some steps on how to do this is as follows; 

A) Look in the mirror a minimum of once a day and admire something about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you start off with your eyelashes. Then remind yourself that you are feeding your heart. 

B) Go for a walk, swing on a kids swing, curl up with a book even if you have 101 things to do. Pick one thing that you find fun and give yourself 20 minutes to just do that without worrying about anything else. 

C) When you hear yourself saying something derogatory about yourself either out loud or in your mind say the phrase “cancel, clear, delete”, you will catch yourself more and more often and will automatically teach your brain to stop the cycle. 

D) Go out and find someone and give them a compliment, it can be a stranger in a shop, but make it sincere. It will make their day and your heart will jump in unison with theirs. You’d never know, your one compliment could flutter out and touch many people.

Love yourself first and the rest will follow. Enjoy the most that life can offer you. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do, who you are with. Feed your heart at every opportunity and if you don’t think you get any opportunities, make some!

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