When I first started learning about energy, I found out that we have these integrative magnetic fields surrounding all living beings. This includes plants and trees and of course animals. This field of energy is most commonly known as the aura.

I had already been learning everything I could about massage and body work from any books on the topic I could get my hands on. We didn’t yet have a home computer so there was no Yahoo search or Google or the unending information that we now have at our finger tips. Every book I got I absorbed as deeply as I could before finding another. Every time I got to go to the nearest city I would spend hours in bookshops trying to find the next book (s) that would feed me more information about how the body works, heals, and this new to me concept of energy.

I was fascinated. I tried out new techniques on my mum and my friends. I learned how to massage the shoulders, head and neck to ease tension. I learned what it felt like in my hands when there was tension present. I learned how to feel energy and how I really had to concentrate but not try too hard and dim down my other senses to distractions.

I learned that these are skills that anybody can learn and that we are all, already adept and just have to learn to classify what it is that we are feeling. To tune out other distractions so we can improve this sense, just like learning to differentiate and name colours in preschool.

The first energy balance I taught myself how to do was balancing the chakras. I found the heart chakra and tuned into its energy, feeling its movement with my hands about 2 feet off the body. It would swirl clockwise pulling my hand into the flow of energy. I would then use my other hand to find the root chakra above the pelvic bone and tune into its energy which moves much slower than the heart. If the energy felt off, like a plate spinning atop a stick off kilter I would use my hands to gently pull it back into balance. Sometimes I would have to reverse the flow to ‘clear out the gear’ and then bring it back to its correct flow. By doing this I was helping the body to restore balance and it would stimulate the body’s own abilities to restore proper flow of energy throughout the body and aura.

I found my mission, my life’s calling. And I am extremely lucky that I discovered it before I was even 18. By learning to tune into this inner knowledge through tuning into the body’s energy system I was able to follow my life’s plan. I didn’t always listen and I still stubbornly ignore that better judgment within myself occasionally but this early learning of calming my mind and tuning into my body has been instrumental in my happiness and life direction.

You can do this through meditation practise or, like I did, through feeling energy. All it takes is practise and persistence even if you don’t always feel like you are doing it right.

Let me know if you try and how you get on with it.


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