Energy Treatments

Energy treatments work by bringing your energy system back into balance. The therapist works as a facilitator to allow the flow of energy pass through your whole system removing blockages and re-energising areas that are low and also helping remove anything that you have been holding on to in your system. 

When receiving a treatment it is normal to feel nothing at all happening other than feeling a little more relaxed and maybe a little tired. As you continue with treatments and get used to the energy treatment you will find yourself noticing more and more sensations such as temperature changes, areas that feel hot or cold, pins and needles and see colours. This happens because you are becoming more in tune with your body and getting used to what energy feels like and what the subtle changes are.
Energy treatments work on all areas of your life whether you need to relieve general stress or even if you are dealing with something deeper such as anxiety or big changes in your life. An energy treatment will soothe your nervous system and give you the energy to cope with what life throws at you. 

People who are a little more sensitive than others will often find that they get drained and tired from interactions with one or groups of people. These sensitive souls would benefit from not only energy balances but also to learn how to protect their energy and stay grounded. If you stay grounded and present in your body you will find it much easier to retain your energy and space. Learning a level one in any energy course will help you to learn the tools to do this. 

Energy Therapy is usually a hands on treatment which is relaxing and comfortable. During a treatment you lie completely clothed and covered in a blanket. There are many different types of energy treatments available now so pick the one that appeals to you most. An energy treatment continues to work for about three days afterwards so take it easy and drink lots of water. I hope you give an energy treatment a try and feel its fantastic benefits.

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