Feeling fatigued, low and unmotivated can be caused by stress. Many of us are so used to feeling stress daily that it isn’t always easy to recognise that we are stressed. Stress can lower your immune system, cause digestion problems and hinder our sleep patterns. We are busy people with busy lives making it more …

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Energy Treatments

Energy treatments work by bringing your energy system back into balance. The therapist works as a facilitator to allow the flow of energy pass through your whole system removing blockages and re-energising areas that are low and also helping remove anything that you have been holding on to in your system.  When receiving a treatment …

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What is it? How does it help? How do we do it?  We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed, we may not even recognise that this is the emotion we’re feeling. When you feel like you have lots of nervous energy, can’t focus properly and are walking into things or dropping things you can …

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When I first started learning about energy, I found out that we have these integrative magnetic fields surrounding all living beings. This includes plants and trees and of course animals. This field of energy is most commonly known as the aura. I had already been learning everything I could about massage and body work from …

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