Fairy Essences

What We Do

We wish to empower you in your healing by providing you with the tools to support you day to day. We provide 20 different essences to target different areas of growth and to support in your daily life. Orela also provides one to one treatments in her clinic in Dunmanway and Ballincollig to support your healing through Kinesiology, Elemental Energy Therapy and Integrated Energy Therapy treatments.

How We Do It

Fairy Essences have been developed using kinesiology testing, deep meditation and research to formulate the perfect combination to provide you with a amazing support through out all of life’s ups and downs.

Each essence has been designed to help you in a specific area of your life. Whether you’re feeling out of sorts, nervous or lacking in energy and inspiration these essences will work with you to put your world at ease again.

Use the essences to lift your mood and vibration, enhance positive attitudes and give you a greater sense of empowerment and well being in your daily life.

I use a variety of sprays whenever I feel the need. Mostly Balance and Angel as I find if I'm stressed they ground me and calm me down straight away. I wouldn't be without them in my life now!

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Made with 100% natural ingredients using organic essential oils and fresh spring water.